I am currently in the process of organizing my archive, and plan to make a large majority of this available via a Creative Commons license in the near future.

As a designer and maker, I am constantly seeking inspiration from other disciplines. While I thoroughly enjoy the process and practicality of photography on its own, it also has had a huge influence on how I design.

Many of the visual overlaps are direct: the importance of composition & layout, balance, color, contrast, texture & patterns, motion & flow through a scene/screen, etc.

Beyond that, one of the most important lessons for me has been working within constraints and eventually coming to embrace them as an essence of the work.

When you take a photograph, you are forced to tell a story in a single, rectangular frame. Depending on your gear, process, and the environment there will be numerous additional constraints including: available light, focal range, film speed, color processing, subjects in motion, etc. A talented photographer uses these constraints to add to the story that is the image.

Snow Day




Currently I’m most interested by photographs that capture an emotion better than words ever could, and photos that transport the viewer to a place.

Nature and Landscape

Published Work