Autodesk Simulation Monitor

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UX, User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Software Development

Role: This was a design-led visioning project stemming directly from user feedback and journey mapping observations. I designed the workflow, created mockups, and built a simple prototype in conjunction with an Android development course I was taking. (The app read static data rather than live via API, and was never productized.)

Proposed logo
Simulation job list view.
Proposed logo
Simulation detail view.

Problem: Users have been able to run simulations in the cloud using Autodesk Simulation 360 since 2012. There has been an inherent limitation that these simulation jobs can only be monitored and managed from the source machine—often a desktop engineering computer that remains in the office.

Solution: Mobile Job Monitor provides a simple way to check the progress and status of cloud simulations, which may take hours or sometimes even days to complete.

A typical workflow is that an engineer will submit several simulation jobs to solve in the afternoon before leaving the office, and will want to monitor them that evening as they run. If something unexpected occurs they could often make a quick fix, resubmit the job, and still have results in the morning.

Information Architecture and Basic Flows
Information architecture, basic flows, and main screens.

Material Design Explorations (Android)

Material card view
A general purpose Material card view that would open the simulation in Autodesk 360
Push notifications
Push notifications alert of success or failure and deep link into the app
Digital paper
Illustrating the 'Digital Paper' layering of a Material app