Hardware Experience

  • MakerBot
  • Ultimaker
  • Autodesk Ember
  • Stratasys Objet Connex500
  • Mcor Iris 3D Paper Printer
  • Markforged Composite Printer


Bike Light Mount

After several prototypes, I settled on a design that could be easily mounted with an M5 bolt, using either a threaded or unthreaded eyelet (with nut).

Custom Light Mount

Custom Light Mount

Bike Bell Mount

Custom Bell Mount

Custom Bell Mount

Coffee Grinder Hack

The Hario Skerton is a good value hand grinder for the price, but develops a wobble over time due to the wear of the metal grinder shaft against a plastic part at a single point of contact. Ultimately this leads to uneven coffee grind sizes.

I designed this simple pair of parts to hug the shaft at a second, lower point of contact. This prevents the shaft from wobbling, thus preventing wear and keeping the grind size consistent.

Prints in place, partially assembled

Coffee Grinder Hack

Top view, fully assembled

Coffee Grinder Hack


Coffee Grinder Hack

Download at Thingiverse or Github.

Also check out suneboe’s improved remix Thingiverse

Hand Strap Mounting System

How might we attach a safe, comfortable strap to a bodysurfing handplane? It should be adjustable, strong, buoyant, and resistant to salt water.

I am experimenting with custom kevlar/nylon composite prints. These are super strong and light. I also have designs I may machine from wood or metal in the future.

CAD design rendering

CAD Design

Second prototype off the print bed

3D Print



Fiber inlay design and layout

Fiber inlay design


Having completed the beginners course on CNC at Autodesk’s Pier 9, here are some starter projects I have been working on.


A bodysurfing handplane (or handboard) is a small surfcraft for your hand. Depending on size and shape it can be used to more easily get barreled, help with optimal position on the wave face, and/or get more speed in the water.

This handplane was cut out on a ShopBot. From there, I used a orbital and belt sanders to refine the shape.




Next up…

Handplane rendering

Custom Chocolates

For a unique gift, I machined a positive from wax and then created a silicone mold to make custom chocolates.

I used Fusion 360 on the software side, and an Othermill desktop CNC mill for the machining.

Chocolate mold

From there, I created several chocolates in the mold using Tcho baking chocolate. This gift was a hit on all levels!


Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing

I am fascinated by the potential of generative design for additive manufacturing.

I have been exploring generative designs for an Aeropress plunger.