A Year (or Several) of Bikes

Last weekend at Tour de Fat I became the 100th person to give up my car and commit to a year of biking.

Tour de Fat bike trade

I had been considering getting rid of my car since moving to San Francisco a few years ago, realizing that it’s nonessential in the city and adds a bunch of stressful overhead. Hearing that New Belgium had not yet found a volunteer car trader leading up to TdF, and they were looking for someone on-site was the push I needed to take the plunge into a car-less lifestyle. Upon hearing that the proceeds from the car sale would be donated to charity and New Belgium would supply funds for me to get a new bike at a local bike shop, I was sold on the idea and rushed backstage…

The trade ended up involving a skit, culminating in me rising through a trap door on a bike, surrounded by aliens who threatened to destroy the world. I didn’t catch it all since I was crouched under the stage, but my donation got them to change their minds. It was as ridiculous as it looks:

Tour de Fat bike trade

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Update: I made it carless until 2022 when I left San Francisco!