The latest Autodesk CFD beta is now available. We have been working hard to add new functionality, address IdeaStation suggestions, and fix issues that have been identified.

Here’s the first thing you will see: a splash screen I put together with the primary goal of having it instantly differentiable from installed release versions, so that users don’t run studies unintentionally in beta software. The working name for this release may or may not be Raven, hence the graphic.

Autodesk CFD Beta

I spent a large portion of time focusing on usability in the results environment for this version, and ultimately if we’ve done a good job I suspect this is something folks will not notice since it will not stand out. However, I am confident the changes that have been implemented will make a bunch of people happier and more efficient.

New functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surface wrapping models for external flow studies
  • Custom Result Quantities for scalar results
  • Revamped particle traces
  • Iso Volumes for displaying volumetric ranges of results