I am a creative, analytical designer with over eight years of professional experience in software product development. I am a UX designer by profession, an engineer by training, and a perpetual student of design.

My passion lies in harnessing technologies in simple ways that empower people personally and professionally. I am a technologist with a humanist approach, designing products and experiences where technology serves its users in productive, meaningful ways.


I strive to be a capable, full-stack designer. My strengths include:

  • design vision & strategy
  • UI & interaction design
  • testing and evaluating designs to iteratively improve them
  • working with deeply technical teams to make the complex easy

I understand the role of design in an evolving professional organization, and have experienced the spectrum: from having to fight to be heard, to educating colleagues and finding common ground, to becoming a trusted ally. I always come to the table as a strategic partner, embracing my responsibility to help the organization discover what is the right thing to make, and how to make it right.


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About this Site

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You can find the source on Github licensed under Apache 2.0.


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